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Commissioner of Police, Delhi

Delhi has about 75 lakhs vehicles registered in the city.  The city also has one of the  largest network of roads to carry vehicles from not only the city but all over the country within its jurisdiction.  I am aware of the problems which a citizen comes across while using vehicle on the roads of Delhi. 

Spl. Commissioner of Police, Traffic /Delhi

Needless to say violation of traffic norms is not considered an amoral act by the most road users in Delhi.  Consequently, driving on Delhi's roads is a nightmare for any sane person.


Addl. Commissioner of Police,Traffic/Delhi

 Traffic affects everyone - young and old, rich and poor and each resident of Delhi has high expectations from Delhi Traffic Police. With over 75 lacs registered vehicles and about 20 lacs vehicles entering Delhi everyday from neighbouring states, it is a gigantic challenge to manage traffic on the roads. I am confident that we can surmount it if we work together.......

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Delhi Traffic Police


Delhi has seen a rapid growth in vehicles in conjunction with the increase in population and urban mobilisation, which has resulted in high traffic volumes. This in turn has increased the number of road accidents. We at the Delhi Traffic Police are constantly striving to achieve cent per cent safety on the roads. But that can be achieved only through public cooperation and goodwill. So help us to keep Delhi safe !

Delhi Traffic Police

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