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Message from Spl. Commissioner of Police : Traffic, Delhi

TAJ-HASSAN.jpgDelhi, being the capital of India, is one of the fastest growing cities, which has witnessed unprecedented growth of both human and vehicular population over the years. Besides, Delhi being the administrative capital of the country and commercial hub, has become an important centre of politics, cultural and trading activities. All the events happening abroad or in any part of the country have a conspicuous bearing on the situation in the capital, which is reflected in the traffic scenario of the city. Today, the population of Delhi exceeds 200 lakhs (approx.), vehicular population is approx. 105 lakhs and road length is 33,198 kms. Traffic management in Delhi is a herculean task for Delhi Traffic Police. The task of traffic management has become difficult due to mixed traffic on the roads, unplanned growth of the city, lack of pedestrian facilities, erratic behavior of road users, shortage of parking spaces, unsatisfactory road conditions, etc. etc.

The city needs to have a holistic traffic and transportation system, relying more on an efficient, affordable and interlinked public transport system than on burgeoning private vehicles of mixed varieties. However till the time it becomes a reality, the traffic police has to face the challenge of regulating traffic and ensuring safety of all road users against the odds.

Despite all constraints, the Delhi Traffic Police is sincerely engaged in the task of managing the traffic, its smooth and safe movement on all roads of the capital. The emphasis by the Delhi Traffic Police on four vital pillars of Education, Regulation, Enforcement and Road Engineering (ERER) has left a positive impact on road safety, and has resulted in the reduction of fatalities on our roads during the last few years. The Traffic Police, despite manpower crunch and surmounting problems in the city, has been managing traffic of the city with the highest professionalism and competence. The success of Delhi Traffic Police in its endeavor depends largely upon the willful support of all road users. Nevertheless, the Traffic Police is embarking on latest and modern technology available in the world in the field of traffic management to achieve the mission and objectives set for itself.

The facilities provided by Delhi Traffic Police would go a long way in building strong police-public relationship and will keep the public informed and updated on vital traffic issues.

I solicit co-opration of all road users in Delhi to adopt a culture of road safety and give us useful suggestions.