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SMS Services

SMS Number : 166

Public Services



This service gives the details of one/more than one Pending Notice/s which has/have been issued for violation committed by a particular vehicle registration number.

SMS Format : DL<space>N<space>N<space>Registration Number

e.g. In order to find out the pending notices for the registration number DL4CS2153 just send SMS as

DL N N DL4CS2153

Output will be : 1 Notice pending in Notice Branch. 2 Notices are pending in Court

Information about vehicle Ownership detail (Authentic Service for Police only)


This service provides the information regarding vehicle ownership.

SMS Format : DL<space>N<space>W<space>Alfa numeric Registration Number<space> Numeric Registration Number

Example :- If the information about vehicle number DL4CS2153 is to be sought when, a SMS in following manner is to be prepared and send the same to 166.

DL N W DL4CS 2153

Output will be : Vehicle Regn. Number, Owner Name, Address, Maker Model, Colour, Engine Number, Chasis Number.

Traffic Alerts regarding Traffic situation


In this service, traffic alerts regarding traffic situation in the city will be sent via SMS on the registered mobile number.

To register for this service, please send SMS from your mobile phone in the following format:-

SMS Format : DL<space>N<space>S<space>DTP <space>Name

Example :-

DL N S DTP Mohan

To unsubscribe this service, please send SMS from your registered mobile phone in the following format:-

SMS Format : DL<space>N<space>S<space>REM

Example :-